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The Speed of IPTV

Welcome to IPTV Sports, the website that brings you state of the art solutions to IP television sports broadcasting. Whether you're a broadband internet service provider seeking to improve the quality of your IPTV service, or a sports fan looking for the fastest, most direct way to watch sports over broadband lines, IPTV Sports provides the best resources, news, sports channels and product reviews -- everything you need to know about how to deliver, and how to watch, IPTV sports.

We also provide sports fans and home viewers valuable instruction on how to install IPTV. It's easier than you think. Usually, your service provider will set everything up for you. Many internet service providers offering internet television will be equipped with the most effective IPTV products available, and of course they will provide you with installation services as well. That's exactly why we want to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting when they contract a broadband service provider to set up Internet television for you. Don't be fooled into buying IPTV products that you don't need. Don't contract a solution that doesn't fit your needs.

Decide before hand what you want. Are you a tracks junkie who can't live without a constant stream of horse racing in the lower left hand corner of your computer monitor, all day? If so, streaming IPTV straight into your home computer may be all you need. But if watching sports is a family activity for you, or you love to lounge in your living room with friends to watch the soccer, cricket or Monday Night Football game, then hooking up IPTV to a set top box (yes, IPTV is compatible with HDTV) might be just the ticket. You'll need to know what products to buy, who to buy them from and how to set up IPTV in your home so that you can watch sports the way you want to watch sports. How do you find out all this? That's why we're here, to provide you with the latest information in IPTV technology, and how to make the most of television's most exciting step toward rapidly accessible, comprehensive sports coverage through fiber optic cables.

If you are an IPTV service provider seeking to deliver your high speed sports broadcasting service to sports fans in Europe, Canada, the United States, or Latin America, Asia or anywhere else in the world, then we provide an invaluable resource for the latest news in IPTV trends, potential clients, and sports fans desperately in need of IPTV. Internet television is probably the best thing to happen to TV -- especially sports. It's likely that sports fans will come directly to YOU, because, after all, your product is indispensible. In fact, many European countries such as France, Germany and Italy are already set to make the switch from analogue TV signals to IP TV in just a few years. There is no single service provider for IPTV but rather it's a free market, may the best IPTV service provider win! IPTV Sports is here to make sure that you have a fighting chance at become the provider of choice, that you make it across the technological finish line in the lead.

Servicing sports fans with IPTV, therefore, requires a strong knowledge of all the products that are out there. And just like there are thousands of service providers competing for millions of clients, there are thousands of IPTV hardware and software products vendors competeting for your attention. Pay attention. The best internet sports TV providers will have access to the best installation hardware and the best software for user interfacing. If your clients are specifically sports oriented, be aware that their preferred user interfaces may be different from TV viewers who stick to news or other programming besides sports. So it's not only a question of choosing the best products, but the right products as well.

Through articles, descriptions, overviews and blog entries, IPTV Sports seeks to provide the highest, most comprehensive list of IPTV product reviews for this growing television market. There is plenty of room for innovation, and innovate is what they're doing. We keep up with the pace of technology. We predict that it will rapidly evolve for sports viewers as more and more fans around the world catch on to the amazing quality of picture, speed and channel selection that can be accessed over broadband lines.

Currently, one of the most exciting industry standard IPTV interface features is the PIP functionality. PIP stands for Picture in Picture. The definition of PIP is essentially as follows: viewers can channel surf while maintaining oversized thumbnails of currently-being-viewed channels, live, on screen, but minimized so that further channel surfing can take place. This is ideal for sports watching, where fans are constantly checking the scores of other games while simultaneously watching their favorite team play. Indeed, this process is noted on every baseball stadium scoreboard - with the stats of 10 other baseball games being splayed across the screen. IPTV sports watching brings the scoreboard to life, by allowing viewers not only to see the scores of simultaneous games being played, but to actually watch them being played. Any sports fan will tell you this is an improvement. While seeing other games' scores is one thing, seeing other games -- their players, they way of playing -- is a whole different story. After all, checking the goings-on of other teams usually servers one purpose and one purpose only: finding out who the opponent will be in the playoffs and the world series, super bowl, championships or World Cup. And speaking of the World Cup, what better time to have the PIP function enabled on your IPTV home sports viewing system? It only comes once every four years, but when it comes, it comes all at once. Stream a recording of your favorite country's face-off with the country competing with your favorite country and keep it all in a thumbnail while watching a live version of Italy's soccer team play the German contenders. Or England face off against Spain.

All this is an example of how we feel the PIP functionality is an ideal feature for sports watchers. But this is just one feature. There are many more. Our purpose is to analyze and break down the pros and cons of every feature to every leading IPTV interface, installation device and even service provider!

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